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Taste Profile

Indulge your senses in the extraordinary flavor journey of our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Renowned for its exceptional quality, this coffee offers a harmonious and smooth taste that sets it apart. The bright and clean acidity adds a refreshing zing, creating a delightful balance that captivates coffee enthusiasts.

What makes this coffee truly unique is its almost complete absence of bitterness, delivering a rare and cherished experience. Despite its high acidity, the coffee surprises with a full-bodied richness that seamlessly combines with its creamy texture. Picture a cup that is not only bright and zesty but also velvety and satisfyingly robust.

As you savor the brew, you’ll be greeted by a sweet-toned, soft aroma, graced with delicate notes of orange, floral hints, and a pungently buttery essence, reminiscent of butterscotch. The light to medium body of the coffee, silky in mouthfeel, unveils a gently bittersweet character complemented by crisp chocolate and orange peel notes, creating a complex and layered palate. Allow the cup to cool, and a delightful mint-like note emerges, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the experience. The chocolate and orange notes linger impressively in the long, clean finish, leaving a lasting impression that defines the unparalleled quality of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Elevate your coffee ritual with this exceptional blend that harmonizes bright acidity, creamy richness, and a symphony of nuanced flavors.