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History and Heritage of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Since its introduction in 1728, coffee has woven itself into the very fabric of Jamaican culture and economy, blossoming into a world-renowned industry celebrated for producing the unparalleled Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Recognized globally for its mild flavor, smooth body, and lack of bitterness, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee stands as the epitome of quality, earning the moniker “The Champagne of Coffees.”


The journey of coffee in Jamaica began when Sir Nicholas Lawes, Governor of Jamaica, imported the first coffee seedlings from Martinique. These seedlings found a perfect home in the rich, volcanic soil and cool, misty climate of the Blue Mountains, areas now synonymous with the world’s finest coffee. Over the decades, the cultivation techniques refined, and by the 19th century, Jamaica was a leading coffee exporter. However, it was the dedication to quality, rigorous standards, and the unique microclimate of the Blue Mountains that birthed a coffee so exquisite, it set the global gold standard.


The development of the coffee industry in Jamaica has been a journey of passion, resilience, and innovation. Coffee farmers and producers have faced challenges ranging from hurricanes to economic fluctuations, yet the industry has not just survived; it has thrived. This resilience is a testament to the community’s dedication to preserving the legacy and ensuring the superior quality of their coffee. The Jamaica Coffee Industry Board, established to regulate and protect the industry, ensures that only coffee grown in the designated regions can be rightfully called Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.


Today, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is sought after by connoisseurs and coffee lovers around the world, revered for its unique taste profile that includes a mild, sweet flavor, with hints of spice, nut, and a smooth chocolate finish. Its scarcity and meticulous production process only add to its allure, making it a luxurious commodity and a symbol of coffee perfection.


As the proud heirs of this rich legacy, we invite you to explore and savor the history, culture, and unmatched quality of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Experience the taste of luxury, the aroma of heritage, and the smoothness of tradition with every cup. Join us in celebrating the Champagne of Coffees, a treasure born from the heart of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains.